The Atari Video Computer System (VCS) began life in late 1977, with a price tag of $199.95. Eventually renamed the Atari 2600, the system easily became the most popular video game system ever. Available until 1990, the 2600 was on the market longer than any other system in history (Take that Nintendo!).. The heart of the system was a 1.19 Mhz 8-bit Motorola 6507 microprocessor. The machine contained a meager 256 bytes of RAM- primitive by today's standards, but it was loved by many. With that- welcome to my Atari 2600 Worship page, featuring the finest in Atari 2600 information!

All sorts of Stuff
Contains my sizable stack of 2600 games. (allow me to brag, please), my baby Atari FAQ, cart lists, some home-made games, old Atari TV commercials, and lots more!

Covers of an old mag Atari used to put out and information about the issues, several screen shots, and scans of rare carts.

An extensive project someday involving ALL my games!

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Feel free to poke around and check out what we have to offer for this classic video game system. As always, the map will bring you back here. Meanwhile- got a problem with my reviews? Think I suck? Love the page? Well, don't just sit there- sign the guest book and tell me about it!! Or just see what other people have to say

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