This was part two of a set of documents you could send away for from Atari to help you out with Raiders. (Back in the days before the instant cheat code source we call the internet). Again, this was copied from the Raiders Solution Sheet, so any spelling and punctuation errors are mine.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Solution Sheet*

These instructions give a step by step solution to the Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure game. This is only one of many solutions; after you've mastered this one, experiment to find others. Occasionally you'll need to find a safe spot to take your eyes off your television screen to look at these instructions. These spots are marked with 'Wait Here" in the instructions. Good luck, Indiana.

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All rights reserved. Used by ATARI, INC under license

!: Entrance Room
Start here. Exit at the bottom of the screen towards the marketplace.

2. Marketplace
Walk through the baskets until you pick up a key , a revolver , a grenade , and the head to the Staff of Ra . (be patient- the head to the Staff of Ra only appears occasionally). Exit upwards, to the Entrance Room.

3. Entrance Room
Use your grenade to blast a hole in the right wall. Select the grenade in the inventory strip and press the button on the right controller. Before the grenade explodes, run down to the marketplace to avoid the blast. The walk back to the Entrance Room and through the hole.

4. Temple Entrance
Walk through the Temple Entrance Room, pick up the timepiece in the center and exit to the lower right of the screen.

5. Room of the Shining Light
Shoot yourself out of the dungeon. Select either the revolver or the whip, then walk towards the wall and shoot. Stop immediately after you fire. If you bump a wall, the hole will seal up again. Shoot enough holes in the wall until the hole is large enough to walk through. Exit to the upper right of the screen.

6. Temple Treasure Room (wait here)
Use your time piece inside this room. Wait until half past the hour before walking over the coins in the room center. If you are unable to pick up the coins, you're holding too many objects. If necessary, drop another item (the flute for example) to pick up the extra money. You'll need to pick up the ankh , as well as two baskets of coins. (Walk in and out of the temple to replenish the coins.) Your inventory strip should now contain: The head to the Staff of Ra, the Key, the Ankh, two baskets of coins, and the whip.

7. Room of the Shining Light (wait here)
When you have the Ankh, walk into the Room of the Shining Light. Select the Ankh in the inventory strip and press the right controller button. Presto! You're in the Mesa Field.

8. Mesa Field (wait here)
Carefully read page 8 of your manual to learn how to use the grappling hook. Move your right joystick to move the hook; press the right controller button to jump. Jump only when the hook is over a mesa. If you fall press the right controller button (immediately!) to transport yourself back to the Mesa Field.

Jump down the Mesa Field, from the top of the television screen to the bottom, toward the Map Room.

9. Mesa Field
When you reach this mesa, drop the Ankh. Now, center yourself on the mesa and walk down to the Map Room area.

10. Map Room (wait here)
Select the key and walk down the yellow strip next to the Map Room. The Map Room interior will appear when you reach the entrance. Walk inside and center yourself on the pedestal.

11. Map Room
Select the head to the Staff of Ra and wait until sunrise. At sunrise, a blinking light will point out the correct mesa. (remember which mesa is pointed out; you'll need to locate it later on). Then sellect the key in your inventory strip and walk out of the Map Room.

12. Map room
Exit at the bottom of the screen.

13. Room of the Tiny Thieves
Move you Joystick to the left until you see Indy. Now quickly move to the hidden exit at the bottom of the screen. Watch out! If one of these tiny robbers touches you, one of your possessions will be stolen.

14. Black Market (wait here)
The exit leads to the Black Market. Here you can buy a shovel by dropping two baskets of coins. Make sure Indy touches the shovel while purchasing it- and make sure he doesn't touch the sheik while you drop the coins.

14 B. Alternate Route to Black Market
If you don't have enough baskets of coins, you'll have to leave the Black Market and return to the Temple Treasure Room. Leave the Black Market through the at the upper right of your screen, then follow steps 2-6 above to get to the Treasure Room. When you get there pick up three baskets of coins and the Chai . With the Chai, you can bribe the Black Sheik in the Marketplace to take you to the Black Market. (Drop the Chai in front of the sheik to bribe him). When you arrive in the Black Market, drop one basket of coins to bribe the Raving Lunatic. Without the money, the Raving Lunatic will kill you.

15. Marketplace
After you buy a shovel, return to the treasure room and pick up more money and the ankh. All you need now is a parachute with a basket of coins. After you have the parachute, select the ankh and transport yourself to the Mesa Field.

16. Mesa Field.
Jump to the mesa containing the Ark. Once you've landed safely on the top, drop the ankh. This will allow you to move freely on the mesa to. Select your parachute and get ready for fast action.

17. Mesa Side
Jump off the mesa top and immediately press your right controller button. Indy's parachute will open and you can steer him with your joystick. You must steer Indy under the branch, but high enough so that he floats into the opening below the branch.

18. Inside the Mesa
Once inside the mesa, you must quickly drop your parachute by pressing the button on the left controller. Then run to the bottom of the screen without letting a robber touch you, and walk on the pile of dirt at the bottom of the screen.

19. Inside the Mesa
Select the shovel and press your right controller button. The pile of dirt will shrink. Now walk off the pile of dirt and press the button again. Repeat until the pile of dirt disappears. If you are in the wrong mesa, you'll fall into the Valley of Poison. If you are in the right mesa, you'll appear in...

20. The Well of Souls
Your search is complete- the ark is yours. Now, measure your adventure points by counting the steps on the pedestal. How well did you do, Indy?

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