Important Note: Stop E-Mailing Me About AOL Programs, I Don't Have Any!! This Page Is Old And Hasn't Been Upgraded In Months. The Information Is Old, However, The Links Section Has Been Maintained. AOL Still Sucks But I Think I Have Vented My Hate Towards Them. Therefore This Page Will Remain Up For Those Seeking Info Regarding AOL's Shitty Service.....
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And Just Why The Hell Does It Suck So Much? Many Have Asked, Few Know The Truth. Read On To Find Out More...

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Is AOL The Best ISP On The Net Or What?

TOS This Steve!!!AOL Sux!

Steve, We Never Knew!

I was surfing the web one day a few months ago and I thought I saw Steve Case here. It only seems logical considering how he has taken the money of millions of people and hasn't provided the service he claims he offers.

It appears that our good old buddy, Steve "let me take all of your money and run" Case has stepped in it this time! The weasel has damn near sunk AOL in lawsuits and legal problems (too bad). I kicked the AOL habit in November '96 right after it went unlimited. I could log on. I couldn't get on the internet, talk in chat rooms or do anything else but, stare at the little signs on the screen "Please try again later, too much network traffic." Is there finally a light at the end of the AOHELL tunnel?? Stay tuned boys and girls.....

Top 5 "Nicknames for AOL"

5. 'AOLPhuktup'

4. 'America On Whine'

3. 'America Out Of Line'

2. 'America Offline'

1. 'AOHell'

My Sad Tale (maybe you have heard this one before)

***Though I am ashamed to admit it, I was an AOLer. Yes, I was one of the millions duped into believing the positive useful aspects of AOL. The unlimited web browser with download and site searching capabilities comparable to an ISP ...NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!! The many useful things you can see and learn from....If you can see past the junk mail that is sent your way everytime you log on and/or check your mail. Check out all of the useful categories or "Channels" such as the games...Which they make you pay extra for. The stocks and bonds reports as well as all of the wonderful online magazines...Who the hell uses any of that crap? The clincher of all of this is when I cancelled my account the operator warned me that if I quit AOL I would be missing out on over 6,000 web sites only accessible through AOL...They failed to mention that you can't see millions of java enabled and frame supporting web sites which AOL's browser can't even support! With that in mind I laughed in the operators face, slammed the phone down, and signed on to a real ISP and got on with the rest of my life!

America Offline!!Poke Fun @ AOL!!Steve Case Is A Dick!!America Out Of LineSteve Is A TOS!!!

Sweet Revenge!

***But there is hope, there are seamingly endless web sites former AOL members have created on independent ISPs' dissin' the worlds worst enemy on the internet AOL!!! Here are a few links to some of the better AOL hate pages, some offer some progams that wreak havouc with AOL's system!

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